Nighttime Public Wetting

Heading back after a long day of shooting videos, Olivia needed to pee.  So, she stopped the car, got out, and peed her pants in public.

In this video Olvia intentionally wets her pants in public, standing next to a busy city street at night, with cars zooming by.  She has just spent a long day shooting videos for HD Wetting and HD Diapers, but the day was finally over and she was returning to the office when she needed to pee.  Not wanting to hold it, she decided to pull over and shoot one more video.

Standing next to a busy street, in full view of passing cars, Olivia intentionally lets go and pees in her jeans.  You can see the reflection of vehicle headlights passing by as she wets herself.  After she is done peeing she says a quick “goodbye” before getting back in her car and leaving.  It was just a quick, public, convenience wetting because she didn’t want to hold it.