Waiting to Pee

While waiting to pee outside a public bathroom, Alisha accidentally wets her pants in this embarrassing desperation video.

In this scene we find Alisha extremely desperate to pee as she waits outside a public restroom.  Wearing a light gray t-shirt and jeans, it is clear her situation is dire; She is crossing her legs and tightly holding her crotch in a desperate attempt to not humiliate herself.

Despite her frantic dancing and contortions, Alisha simply needs to pee too bad.  While tightly clutching her crotch, she looses control and starts to pee in her pants.  We get to watch through an exquisitely detailed close-up shot as she floods her jeans. Even though she is loosing control, it seems she is still desperately trying to hold on.  Finally realizing it is too late, she runs away to hide before being caught in her wet jeans.