Homemade Wetting Video With Alisha

Alisha records herself with her phone as she intentionally pees her pants, then masturbates in her wet clothes, in this kinky homemade video.

This clip comes to us straight from Alisha, who filmed it by herself in her bathroom at home.  The result is a delightfully authentic, amateur wetting scene that is a ton of fun to watch.  In the video Alisha films herself in the mirror as she pees in her pants, which clearly show the wet patch as she relieves herself.  Once she is done peeing, her trousers are left visibly soaked.

Leaving her wet pants on, she proceeds to rub herself in her wet clothing.  We  get to continue to watch as she brings herself to climax.  Only after pleasuring herself does she take off her pissy-wet pants and toss them in the laundry.  Now naked below the waist, she wipes the extra drips from her legs and pussy before saying goodbye and stopping the recording.