Wetting While Walking on a Public Street

Alisha pees in her jeans while walking along a public street.

While walking along a public street, Alisha pees in her jeans in this embarrassing video. And, perhaps even more shocking, she did it on purpose!

Here is the deal- Prior to this video being shot, Alisha had gone out for a walk on a hot day. Being warm out, she had drank plenty of water, but found herself needing to pee in the midst of her walk.  Unfortunately, she was too far from home or any place that would have a public bathroom and she ended up wetting her pants on her walk.

There were no cameras present to capture that accident.  So, we drove out to the same place it happened, made sure Alisha had to pee, and had her walk along the street, tell us about her accident, and pee her pants just like she did on accident previously, only this time so we could get it on camera.