Alisha Almost Gets Caught Wetting in Public

Standing on a public street, Alisha's forest green sweat pants have a very visible large wet patch on them from peeing herself moments earlier.

It is another public pants-wetting video with Alisha, and this time she comes incredibly close to getting caught!

At first, it seemed like this would be a simple video as far as public wettings go.  Alisha was desperate to pee, so the plan was she was simply going to walk along a quiet street until she wet herself.  Wearing forest-green sweat pants, the wet stain was sure to be extremely visible.

Everything started out fine, until Alisha peed.  As anticipated, the wet patch was clearly visible on Alisha’s clothes.  But then, something unexpected happened- A worker, driving a industrial mower, drove out from behind a tall fence and started directly towards Alisha.  There was nowhere for Alisha to hide, all she could do was run across the street and pray that the mower’s driver didn’t notice her wet pants.