Wetting at the Movies

Close-up shot of Nikko wetting her p ants in a movie theater seat.

Here is a scenario many of us have probably experienced- You go out to the movies, order a giant soda, and only part way through the film find yourself bursting to pee.

This is exactly what happens to Nikko in this video.  Out on a date with Sosha, the pair find themselves in the back row of the theater.  Sosha puts her arm around Nikko and things are going well, until Nikko’s bladder interrupts their activities.  Sosha confesses that she is turned on by Nikko’s desperation, so Nikko continues to try and hold on, but ends up wetting her pants.

Sosha is incredibly turned on by her date’s accident, so Nikko decides to take things to the next level.  Right there in the theater, in her wet pants, Nikko goes down on Sosha.