Desperate in the Bathroom

Mary Jane tries to wait for her turn to use the toilet, but is unable to hold it.

Sosha and Mary Jane race to the bathroom in this video, both very desperate. Sosha just barely makes it to the toilet before Mary Jane. As Sosha sits on the toilet relieving herself, Mary Jane struggles to hold on until it is her turn. Complications arise when Sosha continues to pee for an extraordinary length of time.

Eventually Mary Jane can’t contain the contents of her bladder any longer.  Standing in front of Sosha, only inches from the toilet, Mary Jane accidentally pees through her panties onto the floor.

This video shows-

  • Sosha and Mary Jane racing to the bathroom.
  • Sosha peeing on the toilet.
  • Mary Jane extremely desperate to pee, struggling not to have an accident.
  • Mary Jane having an accident and peeing through her panties.
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