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Close-up of Alisha peeing in her denim shorts.

Last Kiss vs. Alisha

Last kiss pees in her pants when she finds herself locked out of the bathroom.

Last Kiss Locked Out

Alisha and Last Kiss kissing.

Kissing Last Kiss

Alisha smiles as she pees in her jeans.

Photos | Alisha Wetting Her Jeans

Alisha spreads her legs on her bed, showing off her soaked underwear.

Photos | Peeing in Lingerie

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her pants.

The End of a Hold

Close-up shot as Last Kiss starts to pee in her denim shots.

Alisha’s Game

Close-up shot of Alisha's crotch area as she starts to pee in her tight jeans.

Alisha Likes to be Watched