Public Wetting Challenge – Episode 109

Alisha pees in her light colored pants in front of a high school.

In the 9th episode of the Public Wetting Challenge we get see Alisha pee her pants in front of a high school.

This episode gives Alisha a chance to win $500!  This is also a safety checkpoint, so, if she succeeds, $500 will be the least amount she can go home with.  However, this is also the most daring challenge yet!

For this challenge Alisha must go undercover as a teenager at a local high school.  Standing in front of the school, in full public view, she has to pee in her pants as people pass by.  Her light colored pants clearly show the wetness as she pees herself.  Out in the open, she has no way to hide that she is wetting herself.  All she can do is laugh as people drive by and stare.