Public Wetting Challenge – Episode 108

Close-up of Alisha peeing in her jeans while walking along a busy city street.

In this 8th episode of the Public Wetting Challenge, Alisha gets caught by a random stranger as she wets her pants.

The challenge that Alisha is given in this episode is to wet her pants in a busy downtown area.  Though a bit hesitant, she ultimately decides to go ahead with the challenge in order to secure the cash prize and because she badly needed to pee.  While walking along a busy street, filled with pedestrians and traffic, Alisha lets go and pees in her jeans.

Hoping that she won’t be noticed, Alisha walks briskly away from the crowds as the visible wet stain extends down her legs.  As she walks, though, she notices a man step out of a store and look directly at her.  With no way to hide that she is peeing herself, she is simply resigned to the fact that a random stranger just watched her wet her pants.