Photos | Night Wetting in Leggings

Check out this sexy photo gallery featuring Alisha peeing in her white leggings.

This photo set takes us outdoors where we find Alisha along a city street at night.  She is wearing only a red tank top and white leggings.  The entire gallery features nearly 60 unique, high resolution photos.

For the first several photos Alisha is simply showing off for the camera, looking cute as she poses.  After giving us several poses so we can get a good look at her outfit, she pees in her white leggings.  The pee stain is visible going down her left leg and the wet fabric sticks to her skin.

Despite standing next to a city street, it is so late that no one else is in sight.  This allows Alisha time to show off her wet clothes to the camera, pointing out the wet stain trailing down her leg and showing off her “accident” for the camera.