Peeing in Her Shorts for Fun

Alisha intentionally pees herself, which makes her horny, so she masturbates in her sopping wet panties in this kinky video.

We find Alisha in her living room wearing a t-shirt and short denim shorts at the start of this scene.  Talking directly to the camera, Alisha shares how much she loves peeing her pants.  She invites us to watch as she wets herself, her shorts growing visibly dark with wetness as streams run down her legs to the floor.  Once she is done peeing, she shows off her wet shorts and panties to the camera.

The sensation of her warm and wet underwear serves to arouse Alisha.  Unashamed, she proceeds to masturbate as we watch.  Leaving her wet panties on, she slides one hand into her underwear and starts rubbing herself while her other hand clenches the wet fabric.  She soon climaxes, then says goodbye, saying she is going to go clean up.