Peeing in her denim overalls.

Creekside Wetting

Walking along a small creek in a gorgeous forest, Sosha decides that peeing herself is easier than trying to disrobe outdoors.

In this video we find Sosha walking along a creek through the forest.  She is wearing denim overalls and a t-shirt.  When we join her, she tells us that she needs to pee, but explains the difficulties of peeing outdoors for a woman, especially when wearing overalls.  Rather than deal with the hassles involves, she simply decides to pee herself instead.

Standing next to the creek, she intentionally lets go, peeing in her pants.  Her denim overalls grow visibly wet and we can see the urine streaming down her legs to the ground.  After she is done peeing, she walks off, but stops to take some time to show us her wet clothes and underwear.

Preview Images

Walking along a creek through the forest.
Needing to pee, Sosha crosses her legs.
Sosha needs to pee so bad that she holds herself as she walks.
Standing next to the creek, Sosha spreads her legs and prepares to pee herself.
Standing next to the creek and peeing in her overalls.
Close up of Sosha's wet overalls as pee runs down her legs.
Sosha continues walking through the forest, still wearing her wet overalls.
Medium shot of Sosha inspecting her wet panties.
Close up of Sosha's wet panties.
Sosha puts her wet overalls back on after inspecting her wet underwear.