Public Toilet Accident

A hidden camera in a public bathroom captures Olivia wetting her pants when she doesn't make it to the toilet on time.

This hidden camera video captures Olivia having an embarrassing wetting accident in a public bathroom.

Through the vantage point of a hidden camera in a public restroom, we get to witness a humiliating wetting accident when Olivia doesn’t reach the toilet fast enough.  This short, but sexy, clip shows Olivia rushing into the bathroom, clutching her crotch desperate to pee.  By the time she reaches the stall she is already starting to wet her pants.

She tries squeezing her legs tightly and holding herself to stop the flow, but it is too late.  She can’t stop peeing long enough to pull her pants down, so instead she ends up wetting herself in front of the toilet.  We get to see her faded jeans grow dark with wetness as Olivia pees herself.