Photos | Wetting in a Dark Alley

Alisha grows desperate to pee before wetting her jeans in this gorgeous photo gallery.

Featuring more than 110 high-resolution photographs, this gallery takes us out indo a dark alley in the middle of an industrial area at night with Alisha.  Wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt she poses for our camera, looking sexy.

After the first part of the gallery, where Alisha is simply showing off for the camera, we come to several images where she is clearly looking desperate to pee.  In these images she is squeezing her legs together and holding herself.  Moving past these images, the next photos show her actually wetting her pants.  A dark wet patch is clearly visible on her jeans as she pees herself.

After Alisha is done wetting her pants, the rest of the photo set is made up of her showing off her wet jeans to the camera.  Towards the end of the photo-set she takes off her pants, revealing her wet panties, and holds her wet jeans up to show how wet they are.