Wetting at a Public Bus Stop

While waiting for the bus Olivia grows desperate to pee, ultimately wetting her pants, in this sexy public pissing video.

In this scene we join Olivia as she waits for the bus on a rainy day.  She is desperate to pee, so with no bathroom in sight, she sees no reason to prolong her suffering and desperately struggle only to inevitably have an accident.  Instead, she decides to give in and let go right there, in her jeans, as she waits for the bus.

We get to watch as Olivia intentionally allows herself to have an accident, soaking her pants in public.  Since she was going to have an accident eventually, she figured there was no point in waiting for it.  After peeing her her pants, she ties her coat around her waist in a futile attempt to try and hide the wet stain.