A weather reporter pees herself during the seven-day forecast.

Wet Weather Forecast

It looks like the next few days are going to be wet.  At least if you trust this forecast, but it seems like the weather reporter might be a bit distracted.

In this video, we find Sosha exploring a new career- A local television weather reporter.  Wearing a purple shirt and light colored pants, she delivers the forecast to us, but she seems to be a little bit distracted.  Her distraction seems especially severe when she talks about the expected wet weather.  At times she even suddenly grabs her crotch and squeezes her legs together.

Then, in the midst of the seven-day forecast, she pees her pants.  The wet stain is clearly visible on the light colored fabric.  Obviously humiliated, she is at a complete loss for words.  Frozen on camera, she barely manages to mutter that she is sorry before calling for a commercial break to end the forecast.

Preview Images

Weather forecast opening graphic.
Wearing a purple shirt and light colored pants, Sosha delivers the weather forecast.
Pointing out weather patterns on the map.
Sosha starts to fidgit and look uncomfortable during the forecast.
Sosha holds her crotch while showing the seven-day forecast.
Sosha looks surprised as she starts to pee in her pants.
Sosha looks down at the studio floor as a wet patch spreads across her pants.
After peeing her pants, Sosha looks shocked and humiliated.
Sosha stands defeated and embarrassed after wetting herself.
Sosha calls for a commercial break to escape her current situation.