Close up shot as Sosha starts to pee herself while being tickled.

Tickle Attack

Sosha is minding her own business on a lazy afternoon when suddenly she is hit with a surprise tickle attack.  Being extremely ticklish, the attack causes Sosha to pee in her pants.

We find Sosha in this video as she relaxes on the sofa. Wearing a black t-shirt and denim shorts she is reading a magazine.  She has no clue what is about to happen.

From out of nowhere Alisha springs out from behind the sofa and launches an all-out tickle assault against Sosha.  Sosha tumbles to the floor and Alisha follows, keeping Sosha pinned down.  Not expecting the attack, Sosha’s defenses were down.  She is completely unable to resist the onslaught of tickles, her entire body spasming with intense laughter as Alisha mercilessly tickles away.

Then, it happens- Sosha pees herself.  With a clear view as she lays on the floor, Sosha completely floods her shorts, soaking the denim fabric.  A puddle expands out around Sosha, touching Alisha’s foot.  Alisha is thrilled that she made Sosha pee her pants, but Sosha is annoyed with the whole situation.  Irritated, Sosha storms off to change her clothes as Alisha chases after, apologizing.

Preview Images

Sosha is relaxing on the Sofa, reading a magazine.
Alisha creeps up on Sosha.
Alisha quickly hides to avoid being spotted.
Leaping over the back of the sofa, Alisha launches a full tickle assault against Sosha.
Pinned to the floor, Sosha laughs uncontrollably as she is tickled.
Alisha holds Sosha down and tickles her.
Close-up shot as Sosha pees in her denim shorts.
A puddle expands out across the floor as Sosha pees herself.
A view from above shows Sosha's wet shorts.
Sosha storms off in her wet shorts.