Surprised While Peeing

Alisha inspects her pants after peeing in them, to see how bad the damage is, while Olivia looks on and laughs.

Needing to pee, Alisha finds a secluded spot outdoors and squats behind a tree to take care of business.  Almost as soon as she lets go, however, Olivia jumps out from nowhere, startling Alisha causing her to pull her pants up mid-stream.

In this embarrassing video, Alisha suffers a wetting accident, even though desperation wasn’t involved.  She successfully found a place to pee outdoors and was able to start to relieve herself without issue.  It was only when Olivia jumped out from behind a tree, shouting, “Surprise!” that, startled, Alisha jumped up, pulling up her pants on the way.  Unfortunately, Alisha was still in the middle of peeing.  Unable to stop, she continued to pee in her pants as she pulled them up.