Sosha wets her pants while waiting outside a locked public bathroom

Security Cam Catches Wetting

Poor Sosha just can’t seem to catch a break.  Every time she is desperate to pee, it seems she always encounters a locked, or occupied, bathroom.

In this video the case is no different.  Captured from the point of view of a security camera, Sosha frantically races to the bathroom, only to discover the door is locked.  She does her best to try and hold on, hoping that the toilet is simply occupied and will soon be free, but she ultimately looses the battle with her bladder.

Standing in front of the bathroom door, in full public view, she completely pees her pants.  Once the seal was broken, she was powerless to hold back the flood.  Her pants grow visibly wet with darkness as she has a humiliating accident.  Once she is done peeing she inspects the damange to her pants and underwear, then tries to hide behind the building as she contemplates her situation.

Preview Images

A security camera captures Sosha as she frantically races towards a public toilet.
Arriving at the bathroom door, Sosha is already squeezing her legs in desperation.
Desperate to pee, Sosha waits outside the bathroom door.
Desperately Sosha paces outside the door to the public bathroom, hoping that it is simply occupied.
Sosha squeezes her legs and holds her crotch, trying not to have an accidents.
A small wet stain is visible between her legs as she starts to loose the war with her bladder.
From behind there is no hiding the fact that she is peeing her pants, a dark wet stain visible running down her legs.
After peeing her pants Sosha inspects the damage.
Sosha looks at her wet panties after peeing herself.
Having just peed her pants, and being extremely embarassed, Sosha tries to hide behind the side of the building to stay out of public view.