Relaxing Shower After Work

After Alisha pees through her shorts onto Sosha, both girls inspect the damage.

After having a hard day at work, Sosha gets cheered up by Alisha with a golden shower and oral sex.

In this surprisingly sweet video Alisha comforts her friend, Sosha, after she has a rough day at work.  Upon arriving home, Sosha collapses on the bed, stressed after a difficult day.  Caring deeply about her friend, and wanting to help her feel better, Alisha offers Sosha a massage.

As Sosha begins to relax, Alisha decides to treat her to a golden shower.  Climbing on top of Sosha, Alisha pees through her tight khaki shorts, all over her friend ans soaking the bed.  After peeing on Sosha, Alisha pushes Sosha’s wet underwear aside and goes down her.