Public Wetting Challenge – Episode 115

A dark wet patch is visible on Alisha's pants as she pees herself in the middle of the city.

Alisha doesn’t get a chance to prepare before she has to wet her pants in the middle of town in this video.

This is the fifteenth episode of the Public Wetting Challenge series.  In the middle of town, standing next to a city street, Alisha opens the challenge envelope and reads her challenge.  It tells her to pee in her pants right there, where she is currently standing, right that instant.  She doesn’t have a chance to prepare herself or make sure that no one is around.  If she does anything besides wet herself, she loses the challenge.

Having come this far in the series, Alisha doesn’t want to give up now.  She decides to just quickly pee and get it over with.  Even though some people start walking down the street towards her.  As soon as she completes the challenge, she rushes off to hide.