Public Wetting Challenge – Episode 111

Alisha wets her pants after discovering the public bathroom is locked

When Alisha encounters a locked public bathroom, she ends up peeing in her jeans, in the latest installment of the Public Wetting Challenge.

Welcome to the 11th episode of the Public Wetting Challenge.  In this episode, Alisha has a chance to win $700, but doing so will require her to wet her pants, pretending it is an accident, in front of a closed public restroom.  Tempted by the cash prize, she eagerly accepts the challenge.

Wearing tight fitting jeans, Alisha walks up to the public bathroom.  She tries the door, verifying that it is locked, before she pees in her pants.  The dark wet stain is clearly visible as it extends down her legs.  After she is done peeing, she looks around to see if anyone has spotted her, before running off to hide her embarrassing accident.