Public Wetting Challenge – Episode 105

Alisha pees in her jeans while swinging on a swingset.

Watch Alisha have fun peeing in her jeans while swinging on a playground in this cute and playful wetting video.

It is the 5th episode of the Public Wetting Challenge, and Alisha has earned a respite from doing terrifyingly humiliating scenes.  In the previous episode she had to wet her pants in the middle of a busy downtown area in order to reach the first safety checkpoint of the series.  Since she did that, for this challenge, she simply gets to play around on the playground and have fun peeing in her jeans.

In this video Alisha has fun on the swing-set.  As she swings, she lets go, completely peeing herself as our camera watches her.  She finds the whole experience to be a lot of fun, and talks about how much she enjoyed it in the video.