Public Wetting Challenge – Episode 103

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing in her jeans in the middle of a frisbee gulf course.

It is the third episode of The Public Wetting challenge and things are starting to get a lot more daring!  In this latest episode, Alisha is challenged to pee herself in the middle of a Frisbee gulf course.

The Public Wetting Challenge is a reality game show series from HD Wetting.  In the series a contestant, in this case Alisha, is given ever more daring challenges that all involve peeing her pants in public.  For each challenge she completes, she increases her winnings.  But, if she fails to do a challenge for any reason, she will lose everything she has won since her last safety checkpoint.  The first safety checkpoint isn’t until the fourth challenge, so if she fails this challenge, she will go home with nothing.