Photos | Streaming in Panties

A thick stream is visible as Alisha pees in her cotton panties.

Alisha pees in her lavender cotton panties in these sexy photos, producing an impressively thick pee stream that erupts from her underwear.

When suggested to Alisha that she considers getting into streaming, this isn’t exactly what we meant.  We told her she should try streaming in her panties, but she thought we said making a stream in her panties!  The result is this gallery, with stunning high-resolution photographs of Alisha in just her underwear and a shirt.

In these images, Alisha pees in her cotton panties.  The cotton fabric grows visibly dark with wetness, and a thick stream of fluid pours from the crotch of her underwear as she empties her bladder.  Once she is done peeing, she shows off her wet underwear, even taking them off to give the camera a better view.