Photos | Sosha Extremely Desperate to Pee

Sosha shows off their wet jeans after peeing in them.

In this photo set Sosha grows extremely desperate to pee before having a massive wetting accident in their pants.

If you are a fan of extreme desperation, you are going to love this giant gallery featuring more than two-hundred high-resolution photographs.  In these photos, you get to check out Sosha as they grow every more desperate to pee.  Eventually, Sosha is so desperate that they can’t help but cross their legs and hold themselves.

Finally, when Sosha can’t take it any longer, they pee in their pants.  Thoroughly soaking their jeans.  Every last bit of the wetting captured in exquisite detail in these marvelous photos.

After peeing themselves, Sosha shows off their wet jeans, eventually taking them off to reveal their absolutely saturated pink panties underneath.