Photos | Lola Wetting Her Jeans

Close-up shot of Lola peeing in her jeans.

With her bladder bursting, Lola delivers an impressive pants-soaking pee in this kinky photo gallery.

In her first solo photo-set on HD Wetting, Lola doesn’t disappoint, as she thoroughly soaks her jeans.  To prepare for these photos, Lola made sure she was desperate to pee first.  In the early photos she is simply posing for the camera, but as we go deeper into the gallery she isn’t able to hide her desperation.  She is crossing her legs and holding herself in several photos.

Finally, Lola lets go and pees in her pants.  The photos capture everything from the first visible wet patch, to a giant, glistening wet-stain expanding down her legs to the floor.  After she is done peeing she takes off her wet jeans, exposing her pussy, and holds up her pissy-wet pants to show them off to the camera.