Photos | Lola Cheer Panties

Close-up shot of Lola lifting her cheer skirt and peeing through her panties.

We just can’t get enough of cheerleaders peeing in their panties.  It is so sexy!  In this gallery we photographed Lola, wearing her cheer uniform, as she lifts her skirt and pees through her panties.

If you find cheerleaders sexy, especially when they pee in their panties, you are going to love this photo-set!  With over ninety high-resolution images, you get to check out Lola as she poses in her cheer uniform, teasing our camera.

After showing off in several pictures, she lifts up her cheer skirt, giving us a clear look at her panties, before peeing through them.  The stream she produces is thick and clearly visible as it forces it way through her underwear, visibly wetting them in the process.