Photos | Locked Out and Desperate

Olivia looks down in horror as she starts to pee her pants.

Olivia is locked out of the house and desperate to pee in these incredible photos.

In this absolutely mammoth photo gallery, featuring more than 150 unique photos, we get treated to images of the gorgeous Olivia as she is locked outside and bursting to pee.  Fans of extreme bladder desperation are sure to love this photo-set, as Olivia is crossing her legs and struggling to hold back the flood over many dozens of exquisite, high-resolution, photographs.

When the pressure finally becomes too much for Olivia, and she does pee her pants, our photographer does an amazing job capturing her accident.  Shot from a low angle, you get to see the first dark wet patch appear on her trousers and spread down her legs.  Afterwards, Olivia is still left locked outside, only now with visibly peed in pants.