Photos | Desperate Wetting in Panties

A look of ecstatic relief is visible on Alisha's face as she gives up and pees in her panties.

Alisha looks super cute peeing in her panties, so we weren’t sure we could improve much on that concept in these photos.  To try to make this gallery even hotter, we waited until Alisha was absolutely bursting to pee, then made her hold it as she posed for the camera before finally being able to let go.

She did a fantastic job with this challenge.  In the first photos, while she is desperate to pee, you can hardly tell that she is bursting.  About the only visible sign of her desperation is that she kept wanting to squeeze her legs together.  When she finally let it all go, her desperation becomes evident.  The forceful stream that she pisses through her panties is impressive, and the genuine ecstatic look of relief on her face makes it evident that the release feels near orgasmic.

After peeing in her underwear, she shows off the very visible wet patch, demonstrating just how wet she made her panties.  Still on an emotional high from finally getting to relieve herself, she isn’t at all embarrassed as she lets you look at her wet underwear.  She even goes as far as to pull down her underwear a bit, giving you a clear look at her dripping wet pussy.