Photos | Cheerleader Peeing in Yellow Panties

Close-up shot of Olivia lifting her cheer skirt and peeing through her panties.

If you are a fan of girls peeing in their panties and cheerleaders, then this is the photo-set for you.  In this gallery Olivia lifts up her cheer skirt and pees through her underwear.

This sexy photo gallery features just over sixty incredible high-resolution photographs of Olivia wearing her cheer uniform.  She poses for the camera, showing off a bit, before she lifts up her skirt revealing her cute yellow panties underneath.  After showing off her underwear a bit, she pees through them, resulting in an impressive stream.

Her cotton panties visibly change color with wetness, as a thick stream of urine forces its way through the fabric.  As she pees, she rubs herself in her wet underwear.  Once she is done peeing, she continues to pose for the camera, happy to show off her wet panties.