Photos | Alisha Pees in Purple Panties

A stream is clearly visible as Alisha pees in her purple panties.

If you are a fan of beautiful women peeing in their panties you are absolutely going to love this photo set.

Featuring over one-hundred high-resolution photographs, this gallery shows Alisha peeing in her underwear.  Only wearing a t-shirt and purple cotton panties, Alisha shows off for our camera before intentionally wetting herself.

When she does pee, the wetting is captured exquisite, high-resolution, detail.  We can clearly see every tiny droplet from the very start, to the soaking wet end.  Thanks to a fast shutter speed, we are able to enjoy several dozen photographs of the actually peeing.  This includes many shorts where heavy streams are clearly visible pouring from the sopping wet crotch of Alisha’s panties.

After she is done peeing her underwear is left with a dark, visibly wet patch.  Alisha shows off her sopping wet underwear, visible wet patch and all, clearly having enjoyed the taboo exercise she just engaged in.  We get several dozen more photos of Alisha enjoying her wet undies for the remainder of the set.