Peeing on Olivia

Close-up shot of Alisha peeing through here panties onto Olivia.

Alisha pees through her panties onto Olivia, then goes down on her.  After Olivia climaxes, she returns the favor, going down on Alisha in this kinky video.

In this sexy scene we find Alisha and Olivia in bed, making out in in their underwear.  Needing to pee, Alisha straddles Olivia and pees through her panties, soaking both Olivia and the bed.  While Olivia is still wearing her soaked panties, Alisha goes down on her.  Once Olivia orgasms, it is Alisha’s turn.  Olivia performs oral sex on Alisha.  After climaxing, they both snuggle together, still wet, holding one another close.