Masturbation Instruction Goes Wrong

Our goal at HD Wetting is to give you the most sexual, most erotic, and most pleasurable experience possible.  To that end, we wish it were possible to visit every single one of you so that Alisha could personally pleasure you orally.  Unfortunately, that just isn’t realistic.

The next best option that we can accomplish would be this video: A detailed masturbation instruction scene with Alisha talking directly to the camera, describing in detail how she would go down on you while you, hopefully, are stroking yourself to her instructions.  Alone, this scenario would make for a remarkable video, but there is a twist here- It turns out, while Alisha is doing her best to bring you to climax, she is extremely desperate to pee.

Early on in the video, Alisha is doing her best to hide how badly she needs to go pee.  Still, we get glimpses of her desperation as she seems to be a bit fidgety and eventually needs to result to holding herself. As her situation grows evermore dire, she looses her train of thought and needs to take a moment and and there to focus on holding herself, legs pressed tightly together.

Ultimately, her efforts prove to be futile.  She ends up peeing in her pants as we watch.  Simultaneously, she is horrified at having an accident in front of all her viewers, but the relief is so incredible she can’t help but smile with pleasure.  Now relieved, and with no other distractions, she continues her masturbation instruction, trying to get you to orgasm, all the while still wearing her sopping wet pants.