Alisha sits on her doorstep, having wet her pants, waiting for Sosha to show up with the spare key

Locked Herself Out

Alisha ends up peeing in her pants when she accidentally locks herself outside in this video.

We find Alisha doing laundry when suddenly, through the window, she spots a squirrel.  Having a deep and inexplicable attraction to the furry rodents, she darts outside in a desire to bask in its squirrely essence.  She is soon dissappointed to discover that the squirrel has vanished in the seconds that it took her to get outside.  With a fully bladder, and no squirrel, she attempts to return inside to use the bathroom.

Unfortunately, she quickly discovers that the door is locked.  After a bid of fiddling with the door knob, she calls Sosha and asks her to come over with the spare key.  All she can do now is wait, and try to hold it, and hope that Sosha hurries.  Her bladder, however, is not content to wait.  Even though she knows it probably won’t do any good, Alisha continues to struggle with the door, hoping somehow she will be able to convince it to open for her.

Despite her efforts to get the door open, hopping around, crossing her legs, and holding herself, her bladder is simply too full. Squeezing her legs tightly trying to hold it, pulling on the door knob, she looses control and completely soaks her pants.  Any doubt about how badly she needed to pee is instantly arrested once she wets herself; It is a complete explosion of urine, soaking her clothes almost instantly as it flows down her legs like a waterfall.

There is no hiding that she just had a major wetting accident, but at least she no longer needs to pee.  Relieved, but soaked, there is no longer a dire need to get back inside.  Knowing that Sosha is coming over with a spare key, Alisha sits down on her doorstep to wait.

Preview Images

Alisha is in the laundry room starting a load of laundry
Alisha rushes outside
Standing out in her yard, looking where the squirrel was previously
Alisha tries to go back inside, but discovers the door is locked
Desperate to pee, Alisha presses her hands firmly into her crotch trying to hold it
Alisha crosses her legs, trying not to pee her pants
In dire need to pee, she struggles trying to pen the locked door to go inside to the bathroom
Starting to pee in her pants
Pee trickles from the bottom of Alisha's pants into her shoes
Alisha's pants are soaked after she peed in them