Just a Little Too Late

After starting to wet herself on the way to the bathroom, Alisha sits on the toilet and finishes peeing through her already wet jeans.

Who hasn’t raced to the toilet, only to just barely make it before having a complete disaster?  Well, in this video Alisha races to the toilet, but is just a moment too late and suffers a major wetting incident.

Absolutely bursting to pee, Alisha sprints towards the toilet, clutching her crotch in a desperate attempt to contain the flood.  Her valiant attempts at avoiding an accident prove futile, however, as she was only a few seconds too late.  Just before getting to the toilet she loses the battle with her bladder and starts to pee in her jeans.  By the time she gets to the toilet, her jeans are soaked and the flood is unstoppable.  She has no time to try and get her pants down.  All she can do is sit on the toilet and finish peeing through her jeans.