Despite grasping her crotch tightly, Sosha has a wet accident in her jeans.

Harmful to Productivity

Lyra has been having difficulty with remaining productive after moving in with Sosha.  Every time she sits down to try to do some work, Sosha ends up distracting her with her feminine wiles.

In this video we get to see exactly how these situations play themselves out, as Lyra is sitting at the table, trying to get some work done, when Sosha decides to be distracting.  Thinking she is being sneaky, Sosha creeps under the table and slyly removes Lyra’s pants.  Of course, Lyra notices this, but Sosha argues that she has been working hard and deserves a break.

Soon Lyra’s pants and underwear are tossed aside as Sosha buries her face in Lyra’s pussy.  Lyra, a cunning linguist, stops writing as Sosha expertly performs cunnilingus on her. Things are going swimmingly, and Lyra is about to climax when suddenly Sosha announces she needs a break because she is desperate to pee.

Lyra, about to cum, begs Sosha to continue.  Sosha cedes to Lyra’s request, but at the expense of soaking her jeans.  Lyra manages to climax soon after, but Sosha’s pants are soaked.  Embarrassed, Sosha has to explain to Lyra that she couldn’t hold it and wet herself.  Lyra offers sympathy, but Sosha is still a bit humiliated.  As Sosha heads off to clean herself up, Lyra returns to her writing.

Preview Images

Lyra is writing on her laptop computer
Sosha sneakily approaches Lyra under the table
Lyra asks Sosha what she is doing as Sosha tries to pull Lyra's pants off.
Sosha performing oral sex on Lyra
Lyra's face as she forgets about her work as Sosha eats her out.
Close up of Sosha giving Lyra oral
While goind down on Lyra, Sosha tightly holds her crotch, desperate to pee.
Close up of Sosha peeing in her jeans
Wide shot of Sosha wearing her visibly wet jeans as she continues giving Lyra oral.
Lyra inspects Sosha's wet, peed in pants.