Laying tied up on the floor, Lyra pees in her jeans.

Consensual Pee Play

The girls of HD Wetting love having kinky wet fun together.  Sometimes this involves bondage, forced pants wetting, and humiliating accidents.  However, despite what it may seem like in the videos, everyone involved is having fun and is willingly participating.

In this video we address the concept of consent  in sexual role play, especially when fetishes are involved and role playing scenarios that may seem non-consensual. Along with the discussion, Sosha demonstrates by tying Lyra up and tickling her until she pees in her jeans.

Lyra, topless, wearing only jeans is laying gagged and tied up on the floor.  Sosha, meanwhile, is wearing a sexy dominatrix costume.  After explaining how consent works in the context of HD Wetting videos, she proceeds to tickle Lyra relentlessly and without mercy.  Eventually Lyra, badly needing to pee, ends up wetting her pants.

Preview Images

Wearing a sexy dominatrix costume, Sosha talks to the camera
Lyra is tied and gagged on the floor, topless, she is only wearing jeans.
Sosha tickles Lyra relentlessly
Gagged, Lyra is unable to cry for help as Sosha tickles her
Desperate to pee, Lyra squirms around on the floor as she is tickled by Sosha
Sosha continues to tickle Lyra
Lyra tries to escape from Sosha's tickle torture
While being tickled, Lyra accidentally starts to pee in her pants
Lyra continues to pee uncontroallably in her jeans
After wetting herself, Lyra is left tied up on the floor in soaked jeans