A close up of Sosha wearing the jeans she just peed in.

Coming Back From a Break

Upon returning from a break in a long day of shooting videos, Sosha discovers the door is locked.  She desperately needs to pee, but is unable to get anyone to open the door for her and ends up wetting her pants.

This behind-the-scenes video was shot by Sosha on her phone during a break in shooting scenes for HD Wetting.  Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, she comes back from the break period desperate to pee, eager to shoot her next scene.  Unfortunately, she discovers the door is locked.  Alisha and the production crew are inside listening to music, but no one seems to notice her.

Badly needing to pee, Sosha crosses her legs and holds herself as she knocks on the door and tries to get someone’s attention.  She doesn’t want to pee yet, as she has a scene coming up that she has been holding it for.  Despite her efforts, she just isn’t able to hold on.  Her bladder is simply too full and she ends up peeing in her jeans.  At least she managed to record it on her phone.  Wet, but no longer needing to pee, she sits down on the patio to wait for someone to come find her.

Preview Images

Sosha records herself on her phone during a break in shooting.
Sosha discovers the door is locked.
Sosha's face looks perturbed as she contemplates what to do.
Holding herself.
Pressing her legs together and holding her crotch as she starts to pee in her pants.
Pee drips from her pants leg.
Sosha's jeans are visibly wet after she pees herself.
A close up of her crotch shows h er wet jeans.
Sosha looks a bit dissapointed that she peed her pants.
Sosha spreads her legs showing off her wet, peed in, jeans.