Clean Jeans or Dirty Toilet

Needing to pee, Olivia is faced with a choice- Use a gross public toilet, or pee in her pants and risk being embarrassed.  Of course, she chooses to wet her pants.

In this scene we find Olivia at a public park, needing to pee.  Fortunately, the park bathrooms are open, so Olivia heads inside only to quickly come running out.  The bathroom, she reports, is absolutely disgusting.  Not wanting to hold it, but unwilling to use the gross facilities, she decides to simply pee in her jeans.

We get to watch as she proudly wets her pants, standing in front of the public park bathrooms as she does so.  The faded denim of her jeans clearly grows dark with wetness as she pees herself.  Once her bladder is empty, she seems to realize that anyone passing by could see her.  Quickly, she says goodbye, then runs off to hide.