Standing in a full bath tub, Alisha is still wearing the jeans she just peed in.

Filling the Bath

Alisha is peeing in her jeans after being shot with the Bad Blaster Bladder Buster ray-gun.

Bad Blaster Bladder Buster Commercial

Close-up shot of Ronica peeing in her jeans.

Ronica Takes a Bath

Ronica poses for our camera in a tank top and jeans.

Photos | Ronica Pees in Her Jeans

A close-up shot from behind, taken from a black and white film, of Alisha peeing in her jeans.

La Femme Pisse

Alisha shows off her wet bottom after peeing in her jeans.

Telling a Story

Even though Alisha has made it to the bathroom, she is already starting to pee in her jeans.

VHS Voyeur