Casually Wetting Her Shorts in Public

Standing on a busy street corner, Alisha casually pees in her shorts in public.

Check out this incredibly daring public wetting video with Alisha, where she casually pees in her shorts while standing on a busy street corner.

Alisha just keeps getting more and more daring with her public wetting videos.  In this scene we find her on a busy downtown street corner.  Surrounded by busy shops, traffic, and cars zooming past, she couldn’t possibly choose to wet herself here, could she?

Well, that is exactly what she does.  Even as cars drive right past her, she stands in clear view on the corner and pees in her tight shorts, visibly wetting them in front of everyone passing by.  She doesn’t seem to even care, as she casually soaks her shorts, leaving streams of pee flowing down her legs, in full view of countless bystanders.