Autumn Rubs Olivia Until She Pees

Close-up shot of Olivia peeing in her denim short as Autumn rubs her.

In this sensual video, Autumn and Olivia share a passionate moment together as they cuddle in bed. As their bodies intertwine, Autumn gently rubs Olivia through her shorts, creating an intense sensation that makes Olivia feel both naughty and excited. However, she can’t help but need to pee due to the overwhelming pleasure. Despite this urge, Olivia hesitates as she doesn’t want their intimate moment to end just yet.

Autumn continues rubbing her friend through her shorts, providing comfort and support during this vulnerable time. Eventually, Olivia decides that she can no longer hold it in and lets out a small moan as she pees herself. Surprisingly, the sensation only intensifies her pleasure, making her climax even more powerful than before. The two friends share an unforgettable experience together, leaving them both fulfilled and satisfied from their unique encounter