Alisha pees through her panties wetting her bed

Alisha’s Embarrassing Problem

Watch Alisha wet her bed, and talk candidly about her embarrassing bed wetting problem in this video.

The video opens with a short statement from Alisha where she admits that she frequently wets her bed.  She talks about her frustrations, and her fear of every finding a romantic partner who won’t be put off by her problem.  Finally, she asks you, the viewers of this video, for any advice you might have for her.

We then get to see her actually wet her bed.  Laying comfortably in a t-shirt and panties, all seems peaceful.  Then, without any warning, she begins to pee.  The camera is in the perfect position to capture an exquisite view as she pees through her panties, completely wetting the bed.  Soon after she wakes to discover that she has had yet another night time accident.  She strips off her wet clothing, getting completely naked, then pulls the blankets off her bed to go put them in the wash.

Preview Images

Alisha talking to the camera
Resting peacefully on her bed wearing a t-shirt and panties
Resting peacefully in bed
Alisha lays in bed
Starting to pee in her panties
Peeing in her panties
Alisha lays in bed, not knowing she just peed
Discovering she wet the bed
Taking off her wet clothing
Changing her sheets after wetting the bed