Zipper Trouble in the Bathroom

Even though she is standing directly in front of the toilet, Alisha ends up having a humiliating wetting accident because she can’t get her zipper unstuck in this video.

Alisha races to the toilet, desperate to pee.  She makes it to the bathroom, but encounters a problem when she tries to take off her pants- The zipper is stuck!  Her pants are too tight to remove without getting the zipper down, so she is left with no choice but to struggle to hold on as she fights with the zipper.

Her situation dire, she calls Sosha for help.  Sosha does her best to try to help out, but there is little she can do.  Despite their best efforts, Alisha’s bladder simply is not going to hold on a moment longer.  As both Sosha and Alisha struggle to free Alisha’s zipper, Alisha’s bladder gives out and she completely soaks her jeans.

There is nothing Sosha can do but awkwardly watch, in surprise, as her friend completely floods her jeans.  Alisha, humiliated, is powerless to stop the torrent flowing into her pants.  Finally, when it is all done, Sosha leaves to try to find some kind of tool to help cut of Alisha’s wet clothes, leaving Alisha standing alone, in a puddle of her own making, to contemplate what just happened.

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