Close up shot of Alisha forcefully peeing in her skimpy white shorts.

White Shorts and Yellow Pee

While wearing skimpy white shorts, Alisha unleashes a forceful torrent of pee in this giant photo set, featuring more than 120 unique photos.

For this photo set, we head outdoors with Alisha, to a remote forest road, where we find her wearing a salmon-colored shirt and skimpy white shorts.  Standing in the middle of the road, she does some sexy poses for our camera before she pisses herself.

At the point that the photos were taken, Alisha had a very full bladder.  So when she finally peed, it was a huge torrent.  Her forceful stream interacted with the seams of her shorts, creating an almost sprinkler type effect, causing her pee to spray out in various directions.  The actual peeing portion of this photo set was captured with a high burst speed shutter,  giving us several photographs of Alisha peeing as it happens, only separated by a fraction of a second.

After she is done peeing, she undresses.  Standing next to the muddy puddle she made in the middle of the dirt road, Alisha takes off her wet shorts.  Then, standing bottomless, still in the middle of the road, she holds up her shorts to show them off to the camera.

Preview Images

Alisha stands in the middle of a dirt forest road, wearing a salmon-colored top and skimpy white shorts.
Close up shot of a pee stream cascading from Alisha's shorts and hitting the ground between her feet.
Alisha inspects her shorts after peeing in them to see how wet they are.
Taking off her wet, peed in, shorts.