Her pee drips from the bottom of her pants into her sandals as she wets herself

White Pants and Red Panties

This gorgeous outdoor photo set features Alisha peeing in her white pants.

Featuring more than 90 unique photos, this gallery has Alisha outside on the deck, looking absolutely lovely in the natural lighting.  She needs to pee, but does some cute poses for the camera first before letting in all go in her pants.  When she does pee, it is a large amount, soaking her clothes and leaving a puddle under her.

After she is done peeing she takes off her soaked pants, revealing sexy red panties that are visibly wet underneath.  She holds the pants up, posing in her underwear, before ultimately taking them off as well.  The final images in the gallery are Alisha, nude below the waist, holding her wet panties in her hand.

Preview Images

Alisha poses for the camera wearing a purple t-shirt and white pants
A visible wet patch is visible as Alisha starts to pee in her pants
Alisha's pants are completely soaked as she pees in them
Alisha takes off her peed in pants, revealing wet panties underneath