Alisha rubs her pussy in her pissy wet panties

White Pants and Pink Panties

Watch Alisha pee in her white pants and masturbate in this kinky wetting video.

In this simple, but intensely erotic video, we get to watch Alisha pee in her white sweat pants, take them, then masturbate in her soaking wet panties.  At the start of this video, as we join Alisha, she is already so desperate to pee that she is having difficulty simply standing still.  She is fidgeting, dancing around, and holding her crotch, about to burst.  So it isn’t long before she gives up and wets her pants.  Her dark yellow pee is clearly visible against the white fabric as she pees down her legs.

After she is done peeing in her pants, the real fun stars.  Removing her wet sweat pants, we get to enjoy the sight of her soaked pink panties.  She sits in the puddle she just made and, laying back, proceeds to masturbate in her wet underwear.  The camera moves around, giving us various views, as Alisha savagely fingers her pussy until she climaxes.  We get one last look at her dripping wet underwear before the video fades to black and comes to an end.

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Alisha presses her legs together and holds herself
Close up of Alisha's white sweat pants just before she pees in them
Wet streaks are just barely visible as Alisha starts to pee in her pants
Visible yellow streams are visible cascading down Alisha's legs as she wets her pants
Alisha inspects her wet pants after she peed herself
Alisha starts to pull down her pants, giving us a glimpse of her pink panties
Removing the pants she just peed in, we can see her wet underwear
Still wearing her pee soaked underwear, Alisha sits in the puddle she just made
Wearing the panties she just peed in, she savagely rubs her pussy
Alisha has an orgasm as she fingers herself in her peed in panties