Alisha wet her pants after Ryann tickled her.

Wetting While Leaving

While heading out to grab a bite to eat, Alisha gets delayed when she pees in her pants.

In this video, Alisha and Ryann are heading out to dinner together.  Before they leave the house, Alisha attempts to use the bathroom, but Ryann stops her.  Appearing someone desperate to pee, Alisha tries to push her way past Ryann, but Ryann successfully blocks her.

Ryann grabs Alisha and tickles her relentlessly.  All Alisha can do is cross her legs and grab her crotch to try and keep from peeing.  Despite all her efforts, Alisha is simply too ticklish.  She is completely helpless against Ryann’s tickling and soon unleashes a flood or urine in her jeans.  As Ryann watches, amused, Alisha completely pees in her jeans.

After she is done peeing, Alisha is left standing in the puddle she made, pants soaked.  Embarrassed, and a bit annoyed, she asks Ryann to go get her dry clothes.  Ryann, giggling, leaves to get Alisha something to changed into, leaving Alisha to stand there in her wet jeans.

Preview Images

Alisha and Ryann are going out for dinner, but Alisha needs to pee.
Alisha tries to go to the bathroom, but Ryann blocks her.
Ryann stops Alisha from going to the bathroom and tickles her.
Alisha holds her crotch, trying not to wet her pants.
Ryann relentlessly tickling Alisha
Unable to hold back, Alisha starts to pee in her pants.
Alisha completely soaks her jeans while being tickled.
Looking down in shame, Alisha can't believe she just wet her pants.
Alisha and Ryann both staring at Alisha's peed in jeans.
Alisha is left standing, still wearing the pants she peed in.